WA Open Data Initiative

Communications hub for Open Data stuff in the Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana

Welcome to the Open Data initiative space

This community is the successor to one we used to have on Yammer, and the basic rules are the same as before:

  • It's a moderated private forum; be polite and help it stay alive and relevant by making it a good experience for everyone
  • It's intended first and foremost for people working on Open Data projects relating to the Northwest (WA, OR, ID, AK, CA, BC)
  • State, City and other public sector users should recall that we're all subject to laws like the WA Public Records act, so don't post anything confidential
  • Open data folks who work for private companies are welcome and we appreciate your professional insights, but please refrain from using this site for sales or posting offers
  • Private citizens who are working on open data projects are also welcome when and as invited
  • Any member of the community can invite new members by clicking the "+Invite" button and entering a normal, plain email in the "By Email" tab. If the person accepts the invite, an administrator will get an an alert and check out the request

About this community and site:

It’s built on HumHub, an open-source virtual community project written in pretty standard PHP code with a MySQL database on the same machine. All free, all open source, all standard.

It has a Facebook-like "Stream" of updates from members, an area for files, and a very simple Poll feature.

Best of all it’s self contained – no dependencies on Google, Microsoft, etc. We can spin it up or shut it down any time.

The WA state OCIO controls the domain name and the server, which is hosted in Virginia, on a service called DreamCompute, and is running on the Debian flavor of Linux with all the normal updates, plus fail2ban to enhance security a little bit.